Seller Related FAQs

1. Is there any Registration fee to enroll in Foogle App?

No, You shall register on both website and mobile for free by clicking the “Register” button and filling an online form with the required details. 

2. How do I register in Foogle App? 

  • Visit www.foogle.ae
  • Click on the “Seller Signup” button on the top right corner of the website 
  • Fill in the required details
  • Review the Terms and Conditions of the website and accept by clicking on the checkbox
  • Hit the submit button to register successfully.
  • After submitting, you will receive User ID and Password via SMS. 
  • Login using the credentials to complete your Profile.

3. Is there any product limitation? How many products are added in this Foogle App?

Yes, there are certain limitations for product addition. You shall add 50 products for free. 

4. How do I add Products beyond 50 if needed?  

You will be charged for all the extra products beyond 50. We provide you the packages for additional products and based on your requirement you shall choose a package and pay for it. 

Kindly Visit Package - https://sellers.foogle.ae/join.html

5. What are the products that can be added in Foogle App?

Foogle App accepts all kinds of Grocery products for now. The Products available in the dropdown of the Product creation page can be added on your own. If you need to list the Product that is unavailable in the dropdown then, please send a mail to sales@foogle.ae

6. How do I add products in Foogle App?

  • Visit www.foogle.ae
  • Click "Login" on the top right corner of the website 
  • Fill your Login credentials.
  • For Product Addition, click on "Add Products" on the left side of the Menu.
  • Fill the details of the Product.
  • Click on Submit. 

7. How to enroll the other branches of my stores? Would it be a single app/website or separate website/apps? How will I receive orders for my Branch stores? 

All the branches will be considered as separate stores. You need to register individually all your branches with the same procedure. Your store and branches will be listed along with other nearer registered groceries as per the distance away from the customer based on GPS. Receiving orders is solely based on the customer’s preferences. 

8. Do you provide social media plugins?  

Yes, we will provide social media plugins like Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter to your app. Push notifications functionality is provided for any announcements/news that you would want to publish to your customers. 

9. Can I display my social pages in my Website and Mobile App? 

You can have all your social pages linked from your Website and Mobile App. It will be displayed as social icons at the header and all your visitors can easily access them. 

10. Should I submit any Legal Documents ? 

Yes, you submit some of the documents. (copies/original) 

  • Registered Address Proof of the Store
  • VAT Certificate
  • UAE Authority Registration
  • Bank Account Details of the Store / Store Owner (Bank Name, Account holder Name, Account type, Account Number, IFSC)
  • Cancelled Cheque

11. Is UAE Authority registration mandatory to enroll in Foogle App? What if I don't possess it? 

Yes, UAE Authority is mandatory. We will apply it on your behalf and it will cost extra for it. 

12. Will I be provided with the Admin Panel? 

Yes. We will provide User id and Password for the admin panel . Through the Admin Panel, you shall easily update your products and product details, background colours, banners, Images and also you can see the view of customer payment, customer details, etc.., Certain updates made in your admin panel will be sent for our approval and will be displayed once approved.  

13. Can you add Products on my behalf? 

You can add your products on your own through the admin Panel. We also shall add your product to your Online Store, if the certain charge is paid for it. 

14. How can I send my offers / announcements to my customer?  

You can send offers/ announcements to your customer through your admin panel. You will find an option ‘Offers/Announcements’. Add the Subject you need to send to your customers and click it. It will reach all your registered customers in just a click. If this announcement is done by the Foogle App, we will charge you separately. 

15. What are the modes of payment? 


16. Are there any other charges or taxes? 

Foogle App charges you only 2% of the order values. You will be paying only for the orders we get you. 

17. If I do not have the VAT number, How to calculate the total amount without VAT? 

We will add your store’s product listing file without VAT. So, display the calculation of the total amount without VAT. 

18. Are the payments / transactions secured? 

Yes, all the payments made by you will be safe and secure. Also you should check with the respective payment gateways terms and conditions before you transact the order value. 

19. How do I contact customer service? Only for Sellers... 

If your query is not answered by our help pages or through information provided in Your Account, you may contact us directly through chat or telephone - +971 55 6024613

20. What are your timings to contact customer service? 

The Customer service will be provided from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm for now. 

21. Shall I submit my feedback about the Foogle App? 

You shall send us feedback about our services through the feedback form available both in our website and mobile app. Also you shall mail your feedback to sales@foogle.ae 

22. How many languages and currencies will be provided in your website? 

Our platform supports one language, English and we are also working to add many more languages. Since the app is for a localised area we support only the AED or Arab Emirate Dirham for now. 

23. Can customers add reviews and give ratings to our products? 

Yes, customers can add reviews and ratings to your products. The added reviews will be sent to you for approval and once approved it will be visible to all the visitors. 

24. How many pages do you offer for a website? 

You shall send us feedback about our services through the feedback form available both in our website and mobile app. Also you shall mail your feedback to sales@foogle.ae 

25. Will the Mobile app work offline? 

The mobile app needs Internet connection initially to load all the details. Then it functions even when the customer is offline (i.e) the customer can view the Seller details, Product details and location. Internet access is required while submitting a wishlist, feedback, checkout, payment etc. 

26. Do I get any SMS and Email Alerts? 

Yes, if the customer adds any of your listed products to their wishlist and places an order, you will receive SMS/Email alerts to respond immediately to your customer. 

27. Can I have more images and videos for my Products? 

Yes, you can add multiple images to your products, however the first image will be displayed in the Product listing page. Also you can add one youtube video for each.  

28. Is this possible for Ads in Foogle App? 

Yes, you can publish ads in our app on the first page and it will be charged separately based on your requirement. 

29. How many banners will be provided? 

We will provide you one attractive banner that suits your store. 

30. Will the website work on all devices? 

Yes, it is designed as desktop responsive, laptop responsive, mobile responsive and tablet responsive. The website will automatically render to the device specifics and gives the best user experience. 

31. Is the mobile app user friendly? 

Yes. The interface is very user-friendly and provides an easy access to all the functionalities. All our designs also enable "Mobile and Tablet" responsive websites and our Business Mobile App provides one of the Best User Experience to retain and support your customers. 

32. If I make any changes in my website, will it reflect in the mobile app? 

Yes, It’s a One platform, One Solution, One Dashboard that controls the contents. So you can change the website, it is reflected in the mobile app . Don’t need to change separately. 

33. Do you provide any training videos for easy understanding? 

Yes, we provide you with training videos and You tube channel links. It will enable you to understand the usage of website and mobile app. 

34. Do you provide ongoing support? 

Yes, the customer support team will be available to help you. 

35. How do you deduct 2% charges? 

At the end of every month, total order subtotal value will be checked and 2% of this value (+VAT for this this 2%) will be invoiced and sent to the respective sellers. After they receive the invoice they should pay within 5 days from the date mentioned in the invoice. If they fail to pay, their store/business will be de-listed. 

36. Delivery option is available in Foogle app? 

For now, we don't provide delivery service, if the seller does not provide delivery then they shall mention only the pick up option so that their customers shall pick it up from the store. 

37. What is the solution if a customer is not having their company/store registration. What if the customer doesn't have a shop (like he owns a godown or just resells)? 

They also can be signed up, but we will only recommend their registration, anyhow they will be responsible for any problems arising whether they accept or not for registering. UAE Authority is a must for people who own just godown or resells. 

38. Whether the seller need to pay 2% for his refunded orders 

Once the order is successfully placed we will take into account for 2% since we will not be able to check that they have refunded it. However if the seller has marked "Refunded" in the Order Admin page, then 2% need not be paid for the refunded orders.