1. Extra Languages and Currencies

  1. Our Mobile App and Website supports 15 + Languages and 15 + Currencies.
  2. Each plan entitles you to choose 5 Languages and 5 Currencies.
  3. Extra Languages and Currencies you might need could be purchased as a 5-pack add-on.
  4. Your website / mobile app content like Company profile, Products description etc have to be translated by you and we will upload the content.
  5. By adding more Languages and Currencies, Website and App brings more customers from different parts of the world.


2. Extra Pages for Website

  1. We offer 7 Pages website with Domain as a part of the Website for Your Business Package and 10 pages for E-Commerce package.
  2. These pages would be sufficient for most businesses, but if you need extra pages for your business requirement this add-on could be purchased.
  3. For any additional pages the same theme color will be applied along with the given content.
  4. Extra Pages for your website gives a professional look with more of your business details.

3. Business Email

  1. Business Email that matches your Domain (Company Name) - 25GB/ User or 100GB/User.
  2. Professional, Robust features and hosted at State of the Art technology.
  3. Sending emails with your own business name allows you to promote your brand with each email you send and attracts more business.

4. Customer Care Number

  1. Customer Care number is a mobile phone number unique for your business. This number can be used in all your marketing and communications campaigns.
  2. Customer Care Number can be mapped with any number of Sales Reps. 
  3. Incoming Calls to the customer care number shall be routed to all your Sales Reps in Round-Robin, Parallel or Sequential manner.
  4. State-wise Geo-based call routing can be made along with this add-on, so language-specific calls could be routed to only Sales Reps who knows that language.
  5. Sales Reps can be easily added or removed from the customer care system.
  6. Powerful features of cloud EPABX/Telephony at a very affordable cost. 

5. SEO with customized Meta keywords

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine through organic search engine results.
  2. We offer one of the best SEO optimized websites, since we have option to enter meta keywords and meta description at each of your products / service pages, each of your static pages, each of your dynamic pages.
  3. Also the Keywords and Description could be entered for each page and for each language.
  4. This add-on will implement this functionality throughout your website and in all pages, so the search engines would index and display the appropriate content easily, thereby increasing your business and ranking in search results.